Looking for a few good contractors

Choosing the right sub contractor is vital to a project’s success. Experience, financial capabilities, and the ability to provide adequate labor all factor into our decision. We cannot afford to have subcontractors default on a projects due to man power or financial weaknesses. Each subcontractor is reviewed based on past performance such as adherence to schedules, cost, quality, and ability to work with CI Design personnel. Each new subcontractor must go through a pre qualification process to prove the company is financially solvent, has good credit, and has a minimum of 5 years experience in its trade.

In turn, CI Design will pay each of our subcontractors within 30 days of completion, assuming that the work has been finished to CI Design’s and our client’s standards. We obtain a minimum of 3 bids from sub contractors based on the particular scope of work required for the project. Performance and quality of work are the deciding factors in awarding bids.

Subcontractor Application

To be considered for subcontractor selection, please click here to fill out an ONLINE FORM. Copies of all certifications must be faxed to: (301) 595-8643

Or download the PDF FORM and fax back to 301.595.8643.